How to Play in Each Phase of Your Menstrual & Moon Cycle with Telisha Webster

It took me 28 years after my first period to discover the magic of my menstrual cycle. I was baffled when I found out there was so much more to our monthly bleed than the clinical and biological. Why wasn't I told about this earlier and why doesn't every woman know about this? And don't even get me started on the relationship between the moon and our menstrual cycle!

Thank goodness for amazing women like Telisha Webster who are bringing this knowledge out to the world and making it accessible because this really needs to be essential knowledge for every woman!

On this episode, I chat with Telisha Webster on:

  • How to play in each phase of your menstrual and moon cycle
  • Why hustle culture is not normal
  • The realities of juggling motherhood and business
  • Why mothers need to give themselves compassion
  • Plus so much more!⁣

Telisha is a Best-Selling Author, Certified Moonologer™, an Embodiment Teacher, and the Founder of Embodimoon. She helps women live with more ease and come home to their most juicy, vibrant selves by harnessing the cycles of the moon and the wisdom of their bodies. Telisha teaches public and private meditation, somatic movement and embodiment practices; leads transformational healing circles and retreats; and offers Moonology™ readings both in London and online.

Want to see our faces? You can watch the interview here.

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