Why Your Words Have Power with Wendy Corner

Apparently, the "average" person speaks between 7,000 to 20,000 words a day with women speaking more than men. Now, have a think, how many of the words you speak are empowering, uplifting, positive vs degrading, a total downer and negative? If you were told that every single word you speak has power, how would that change the words that you use in your speech?

On this episode, I chat with Wendy Corner on:

  • Why your words have power
  • Getting your point across - it's not what you say, it's how you say it
  • The power of vulnerability, once you get over the fear
  • Why it's important to do the external, internal and intranal work to speak on stage, on video, anywhere with ease and confidence
  • Plus so much more!⁣

Wendy is the Founder and Creator of Your Words Have Power, a platform for speakers to share their messages and stories to inspire people to live their lives fully. She is also a TEDx trainer at the University of Western Australia for 5 years, and a Speech Pathologist for 30 years. She’s on a mission to help countless speakers step onto stages worldwide and share their messages and stories to change lives.

She works with international clients who have a burning desire to be a speaker on the stage to inspire, motivate or sell a product or service, harbour a goal to do a TEDx talk & more expansive stages and experience the visibility and credibility being on the red circle brings, and those who are seeking to launch their career as a prolific professional speaker. She works holistically using her proprietary framework to support speakers to communicate using body, mind and spirit to connect at a deep level with their audience.

If you can’t find her on stage, then you can probably find her brewing kombucha in her house.

Want to see our faces? You can watch the interview here.

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