How to Create a Successful Career Even After a Career Break with Jen Norlin

On this episode of The Awakened Feminine Podcast, taking a career break, especially after children can be scary because of the unknown. Questions about your self-worth and value start popping up when you return to the workplace because you haven't been there for a while. I've seen mothers who go back to work part-time not being taken as seriously or transferred to another role. Sometimes it's due to the culture of that particular workplace but other times it's due to the individual not knowing their worth and value. The thing is if you know your worth and the value you bring to the table, you can create a successful career even if you take an extended career break!

On this episode, I chat with Jen Norlin on:

  • How to create a successful career even after a career break
  • Why you need to choose to know your value and your worth
  • Transitioning from corporate professional to entrepreneur
  • The importance of honouring where other people are at in their life journey
  • Plus so much more!⁣

Jen is a Transformation & Alignment Coach and Human Design Specialist.

After more than two decades as a consulting Engineer, she took the leap from the corporate consulting world to follow her dream of leading herself and others through life's transitions. Jen started to follow all of the things she was taught to suppress in exchange for science and "evidence" that made her a unique individual - intuition, feelings and a deep internal guidance system, back to her source of power.

What she discovered is the story she told to that point was primarily based on choices she made for others and what was expected. When she started to unravel the story, what she found was a world totally foreign and more like home than she had ever experienced.

Through working with Jen, her clients shift from a highly structured and rigid existence to a fluid and satisfying wholeness. She believes that our stories are powerful and makes us who we are. We get to change the narrative to create the life we desire and it is never too late to re-write that narrative. This is the walk she now takes with others as they step into their own power and leadership.

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